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  • Does not cause irritation

  • It is not allergenic

  • It is not toxic

  • Neutral PH, histocompatibility


1- Full spectrum: Antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antiparasitic

High redox potential (ORP) of the electron from the atom to the mikroorgamiz malaria DNA tore cell wall structure acts on and kills all vital parts in seconds.

All bacteria in a short time more than 30 seconds, viruses, fungi and parasites cause of death. Because of these properties microorganisms can not develop resistance.

2- Efficacy on biofilms

Consisting of highly resistant microorganisms in the biofilm eradication. At the same time under Biofilm dormant (sleeping form) to kill microorganisms found on the form.


Do not use damaged packaging. Do not mix with other chemicals. Shelf life is 10 months sealed in the original container at room temperature and should be stored in a dry, cool place. It must be protected from direct sunlight, it should not be frozen. His mouth should be left open. The recommended storage temperature range: +4 – + 35 ° C

3- Activity on healing

Antiseptic solutions containing alcohol or iodine, in contrast to the damage to healthy tissue while Farmisol; the two basic cells responsible for tissue healing by accelerating the migration of fibroblasts and keratinocytes shorten the healing process of wounds.

4- Antihistamines, antipruritic and antiinflammatory effects

Redness, irritation, helps reduce symptoms such as pain.

5- Neutral pH:

Thus, allergic reactions, burning, stinging and does not cause pain sensation.


Externally it is to use. Smoking.

“Hypochlorous” IWGDF (The International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot) for 2015 is approved by diabetic foot infections among the products should be applied in treatment.

Following in all applications, it reduces the amount and duration of antibiotic use when used as an adjunct to existing antibiotics. Accelerate recovery.

Acute wounds

Abrasion (abrasions)
Avulsion (break),
Contusion (Crush)
Laceration (tear)
In the treatment of post-op wound
Burns (1 degree 2 degree)
Skin ulcers (I-IV. Stage)
Wound irrigation

Chronic Wounds

Vascular lesions induced
Diabetic sores
Pressure sores
Radiation wounds
Wound irrigation
Wound debridement of
The wound site humidification

Non-Wound Applications

Abscess in the treatment
Of fungal infections of the skin
Cleansing of the eye area
Cleaning of the ear environment
With feces or urine coming in contact with skin lesions

Usage in Wound Care

  • Bacteria, viruses and fungi can use the skin and mucous membranes caused all kinds of problems in the treatment of impaired integrity.
  • Farmisol; necrotic tissue area to be used on previously applied topically or molded material should be applied directly after the cleaning residues.
  • If needed, cleaned of hairs from the rich, (in particular, the problems experienced in the scalp)
  • The wound area Farmisol profusely and must be wetted with a sufficient amount of contact.
  • Farmisol, 2 times a day in all kinds of wound care, according to the feature region to be charged, spraying, pouring or symptoms injected into the cavity for irrigation should be applied until last.

Usage wounds External Applications

Farmisol areas that are experiencing the problem directly by spraying or pouring it should be applied 2 times a day until symptoms.

  • in providing optimum conditions for wound healing, it developed using advanced technology than the products used until today is an important alternative.
  • Any reaction to that cause, which is the most important problem in wound healing would cause damage that can occur in healthy tissue.
  • Clinical trials irritant (Irritant) have proven to be.
  • It does not leave any residue and does not require rinsing.
  • Apply that people do not need to take any protective measures

The Ministry of Health is authorized in FARMİSOL Biocidal Products in class “Antiseptic Wound and Skin Care” is.

With antiseptic disinfectants are products with different qualities. Disinfectants for cleaning inanimate surfaces and equipment, and antiseptics can be administered to the living tissues and to remove any microorganisms, products authorized in the area.

FARMİSOL, from the cells the immune system of neutrophil ‘s, almost every day that a substance produced when fighting microbes “hypochlorous” comprises.

FARMİSOL in killing germs are very fast and very efficient. Known pathogenic bacteria, fungi and viruses sn 12 18 sec. in 4 parts by affecting the different points.

Yes, it can kill. Made in clinical studies, biofilm layer which kills microorganisms and biofilms form layers in both cases slowed the metabolism of microorganisms in seconds below this layer.

Where there is no such properties so far not been proven by scientific studies.

None of the products containing alcohol and iodine is used up to now, there is no evidence that heal wounds. Activities are limited to just clear the microbes in the environment. Unfortunately trying to do this cleaning, the integrity of living tissue in two basic cells that play a crucial role in giving major damage and are delaying wound healing.

However, FARMİSOL, while destroying microorganisms within seconds, provides rapid proliferation of keratinocytes and fibroblasts in wounds that play an important role in tissue integrity and accelerates wound healing.

In laboratory studies burning, stinging or no irritative side effects will create the sensation of pain is not in question. Direct wounds of the oral mucosa, it is possible to apply to the eye and the ear.

No, because it interacts with other drugs into the systemic circulation is not in question.

No, kills microorganisms in 12-18 seconds and return to the water within 2-3 minutes. Residuals, does not require washing.

Not experiencing any problems because it turns into water in 2-3 minutes.

Product is a colorless, it does not stain or contamination.

Wound care twice a day (morning – evening), according to the feature region will be applied by spraying, pouring or by injecting into the cavity, the symptoms should be applied until last.

The necrotic tissue should be cleaned before topical application. It should be applied directly to the clean area.

Nasal and throat infections (nasal irrigation)
gingival inflammation (periodontitis)
Eyelid problems (bacterial & viral conjunctivitis and blepharitis (Lash Root inflammation).
The lip herpes, oral ulcers and ulcers in

You can safely use all kind of problems that occur with different causes of skin integrity. Because a skin problem caused by allergies, even though that area due to inflammation and the itching will not occur. You can prevent this problem thanks to FARMİSOL.

FARMİSOL region that is experiencing the problem directly by spraying or pouring it should be applied twice a day until symptoms.